Dyad LoL Coaching

We will propel your climb

Try our top-notch service and soar up the League of Legends ranks like a rocket.

Only Challenger Coaches

To provide the greatest level of service at all times, we only work with coaches who have reached Challenger this season. Not a few years ago, as some other companies do.

Quick and helpful support

We offer a ticket system that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and only the friendliest support staff to assist you at all times. Simply contact us using Discord or the Contact tab on the right.

Jungle Specialists

The greatest Jungle mains on the North American server founded this business. We specialize in areas where others struggle. We feel that playing jungle is essential for truly understanding the game. We can coach other roles, but we focus on Jungle since it affects the ebb and flow of the game in the way other roles don't.

Blazing fast delivery

We ensure that you will receive your service at the most convenient time and with the same high quality.

Meet our Founding coaches

Corso and Tim are two of our service’s founding coaches.

In addition to being an accomplished rek’sai player, Corso has coached for the past four years and has achieved many challenger ranks. He excels at playing aggressively, with little opportunity for his opponents to counterattack. We heartily endorse Corso for soloqueue enthusiasts.

Tim has played in the North American Collegiate League. He’s an Elise player, but he can also play any meta Jungler. Tim is the only coach you’ll need if you want to make it as a professional player since he knows all the ins and outs of professional play.

Areas Of Expertise

Since both of our founding coaches are Jungle devotees, our primary focus is on Jungle. We are capable of playing and coaching any role up to a very high elo. We also have a number of different coaches available.

At the top of the game, it is essential to think like a jungler or risk becoming his pray. That is our firm belief when it comes to the game. Learn from the top junglers

We can coach any champion and position. If you want to be instructed by someone who specializes in your role, simply leave a remark when you place your order or let us know via a ticket or on Discord.

All of our lessons are delivered via Discord voice + screen share. However, if you want to use another service, such as Google Meets, please let us know and we will make the necessary adjustments.

This changes depending on the student. Most of our students, particularly those in lower divisions, make quick progress up to the Platinum 1 / Platinum 2 level.

For the best results, we recommend taking at least 5 to 10 classes spread out over a month or two. Taking a lot of classes in a row is pointless. We will frequently discuss the same ideas. So it’s best if you take a lesson, play at least 5-10 games, and then take another.